The shipping price depends on the weight of the package and the destination country to which the package will be sent. We do not send cash on delivery (CASH IF YOU GET YOUR ORDER), but you can use a PayPal payment that is fast, secure and free of charge.When you request, we will be happy to tell you the price of the transportation to the destination country. With this service, we can send you anything, including engines and gearboxes.

Banking connections

Account: 1192401013/3030 (AirBank)
IBAN: CZ27 3030 0000 0011 9240 1013

VARIABLE SYMBOL - order number

PayPal - fast, easy, instantly

What is PayPal? PayPal is an online payment system. Allows money to be transferred between PayPal accounts that are identified by email addresses. Each account is linked to one or more credit cards.Payment cards (such as VISA or MasterCard) must have Internet payments enabled (but need not be embossed). An alternative is to pay these cards directly on the internet.

And how does it work? You must first create an order in our store. then an order is generated. Depending on the weight and destination country, the shipping cost will be added to the order, and then you will be sent an email with the full amount that you then transfer to our PayPal account. Payment Link Paypal = Pay Now.


Odkaz na platbu Paypal = Pay Now.


DHL orientation price list
- soon
POST orientation price list
- soon

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